Today’s Special                   今日のおすすめ

Sakura Feast

Suika invites you to enjoy these Cherry inspired dishes.
Available at Dinner from April 5th – 15th


Triple Oyster Shooter x Sakura Jelly


3 Fresh Royal Miyagi Oysters with;
a. Sakura Jelly & Salsa
b. Okra & Mt. Yam Wasabi Ponzu
c. Clamato Basilico Tomato Sauce
~ Taste the delicate flavor of Cherry Jelly ~

Cherry Smoked Horse Meat Carpaccio


Lightly smoked rare horse meat is served on top of organic greens
with Parmesan cheese and original dressing
~ Experience refined yet bold flavors of horse meat ~

Double Shrimp Cutlet x Avocado Sauce


Plump Black Tiger Prawns & Pink Sakura Shrimp are fried with homemade panko breading

~ Enjoy the prefect Japanese seasonal seafood ~

Rare Sakura & Red Bean Cheesecake with Cherry Blossoms

~ Inspired by raw desserts used in Japanese Tea Ceremony ~


Call 604-730-1678 for a reservation.


Chef Aki’s Dessert

Coffee Jelly Tiramisu $4.80


Introducing the popular Japanese coffee jelly with homemade tiramisu cream.

Bitter x Sweet combo will get you hooked!


Spring has Sprung!


Stay tuned and check for our first day of Patio!


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